05/10/2021 / by Peak Valet

2011 Audi A4 – Ceramic Coating

2011 Audi A4 – Ceramic Coating

Time for a make-over. When you want a white car to look good too. With the ease of cleaning and ultimate UV protection. This vehicle received a paint correction ( polish ) removing imperfections and unsightly scratches. We then protected it with CarPro Cquartz Finest Reserve Ceramic coating. Wheels, exterior plastics, exhaust tips were also ceramic coated for protection and ease of cleaning. The windows were tinted for privacy and sun protection. Looking a lot cleaner, tidier, and smarter, the owner can now be confident that they have years of protection on their vehicle. No need for another paint correction any time soon!

We are your Certified detailing studio in the Hawkes Bay Region for CarPro / Cquartz ceramic coatings and care maintenance products.




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