30/01/2021 / by Peak Valet

2020 Land Rover Defender. New Vehicle Protection

2020 Land Rover Defender. When it comes to purchasing a new vehicle you want to be able to maintain and increase the protection giving longevity to your investment. As you would generally with the mechanics of your vehicle. So with this vehicle we did just that. With an interior detail.

Adding value with an exterior decontamination, paint enhancement and application of Cquartz Finest Reserve ceramic coating to the paint work. Exterior plastics and wheels we protected and coated in CarPro DLux. Maximum protection for UV and environmental fall out. Maximum hydrophobicity and ease of cleaning. Defending…… and Protecting for years.. not months

We are your Cquartz 2020 installer of the year for New Zealand. The certified detailing studio in the Hawkes Bay Region for CarPro / Cquartz ceramic coatings and car care products.




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