CarPro / Cquartz Finest Certified Installer

CarPro Certified Detailers are the best the industry has to offer. They are highly skilled technicians, who have a burning passion for the work they do and deliver a second to none service and product to clients.

With a core mantra; Clean, Protect and Restore, you can be reassured that a completed detail and grooming service by Peak Valet, supported by industry-leading CarPro products, will leave you loving your ride.

For more info on the full range of detailing products and paint protection coatings, check out CARPRO.NZ

Detailing Products

CarPro works closely with us at Peak Valet so that we have the right tools for the job. We also retail the same products, so that you, the customer, can access the same quality products for your home vehicle maintenance.

Our detailing preparation line includes all products designed to restore your vehicle’s paint to showroom quality, before applying a CQUARTZ coating: washing, decontamination, oil residue removal, water spot removal, claying and polishing.

The CarPro range covers every aspect of detailing. For the best advice, discuss your requirements with us at Peak Valet, your local CarPro certified detailer.

Paint Protection Coatings

As a leader in detailing nanotechnology, CARPRO strives to offer the most complete line of in-house engineered products for all our detailers.

The CQUARTZ line with its accompanying products is the benchmark in vehicle protection. This range is designed for all surfaces and purposes. Included are: Ceramic coatings, Glass coatings, Interior coatings and Sealants.

As an Approved CarPro Detailer, Peak Valet have exclusive access to the flagship ceramic coatings. CarPro Cquartz Finest Reserve and CarPro Cquartz Professional are sold and installed by Peak Valet as officially approved detailers.