Peak Valet Detail & Grooming

Here you'll find some samples of work we have carried out. We don't post every vehicle we do as this is to more highlight the services we have completed on interesting rides. Its also an area where we keep you up to date with exciting news.

01/11/2020 / by Peak Valet

CarPro Cquartz Certified Installer

As one of only 200 exclusively chosen certified Detailers in the World, we are proud to be part of the CarPro Cquartz…

30/09/2020 / by Peak Valet

2018 Ford Mustang GT. 5.0Ltr.

2018 Ford Mustang GT. 5.0Ltr.Every time I roll a vehicle out of the studio I’m like a kid at the lolly shop….

13/07/2020 / by Peak Valet

2004 Holden Monaro HSV GTO. Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating

After receiving a paint correction to improve the paint’s surface and appearance, we applied CarPro Cquartz Lite Ceramic coating for added hydrophobic…

15/06/2020 / by Peak Valet

Doing what we Love. Our Passion – Detailing


07/06/2020 / by Peak Valet

2019 Ford Ranger. Paint Enhancement, Cquartz Lite Ceramic Coating

This vehicle received paint paint enhancement followed by a protective layer of CarPro Cquartz Lite Ceramic coating.Adding an outstanding hydrophobic layer, along…

03/05/2020 / by Peak Valet

2007 BMW X5. Paint Enhancement and Ceramic Coatings

After a full interior detail we gave this vehicle a good exterior clean and decontamination prior to commencing a paint enhancement. We…

25/04/2020 / by Peak Valet

CarPro Wash Box

Wash Box – The essential wash kit to maintain you ride’s high-gloss all year round ?​​Wash Box comes with Reset Intensive Shampoo, EliXir…

24/03/2020 / by Peak Valet

Nissan GTR Skyline V Spec – CarPro Cquartz Lite

This vehicle due to its age and history needed to be restored with care.A thorough going over and a plan moving forward…

25/01/2020 / by Peak Valet

Ford Falcon BOSS 315

After a good clean and decontamination this vehicle received a paint enhancement( Polish)We then applied our CarPro C.Quartz Ceramic Lite.This protects the…

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