13/10/2021 / by Peak Valet

2021 Tesla Model 3 – Protective Ceramic Coating

2021 Tesla Model 3 – Protective Ceramic Coating Protecting a new investment for its owner, we gave this vehicle a clean followed…

23/06/2021 / by Peak Valet

2021 Ford Ranger Bi-Turbo – Ceramic Coating

2021 Ford Ranger Bi-Turbo. Looking better than new this vehicle received a paint enhancement followed by an application of Fireball 5yr Silla…

13/05/2021 / by Peak Valet

2021 Tesla Model 3 – Detail & Ceramic Coating

2021 Tesla Model 3 It’s going to be a lot easier to maintain this vehicle now that it’s had a good clean,…

18/04/2021 / by Peak Valet

Tesla Model S – Exterior Detail

Tesla Model S – Exterior Detail After a full clean, chemical and mechanical decontamination, we gave this power punched vehicle a paint…

03/03/2021 / by Peak Valet

2006 Motorhome Restoration

This well looked after home away had certainly seen many days of sun. The gelcoat had gone chalky to the point where,…

14/01/2021 / by Peak Valet

This 2020 Tesla model 3 came in for some serious protection.

So with this mind we went about giving the interior surfaces a good clean and condition. Then it was the exterior. Preparing…

23/09/2020 / by Peak Valet

Our Retail Store for Car Care

If you’re looking at giving your vehicle a clean we have every thing you need to assist you. CLEAN PROTECT RESTORE

15/06/2020 / by Peak Valet

Doing what we Love. Our Passion – Detailing


22/05/2020 / by Peak Valet

2019 Jaguar F Pace. SVR . 2 Stage Paint Enhancement Ceramic Coating

Full clean and decontamination , clay bar, a two stage paint enhancement ( polish) prior to applying our Fireball Dok Do 10yr…

10/05/2020 / by Peak Valet

1987 BMW M3 E30. Maintenance and Protection Detail

Along with our interior detail and ozone treatment, we protected the paint on this very collectible vehicle. We cleaned up the exterior…

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