24/02/2022 / by Peak Valet

2019 BMW 7 Series – Cquartz Finest Ceramic Coating

2019 BMW 7 Series – Cquartz Finest Ceramic Coating We love the colour of this BMW and being a Cquartz Finest Ceramic…

21/11/2021 / by Peak Valet

2021 BMW M5 CS – Cquartz Finest Reserve

2021 BMW M5 CS – Cquartz Finest Reserve A gorgeous vehicle with only 2200 ever made and only the 2nd in New…

22/07/2020 / by Peak Valet

2019 BMW 7Series 750I. 4WD.

Paint Correction plus CQuartz Finest Reserve Ceramic Coating 2019 BMW 7Series 750I. 4WD.Paint correction plus Cquartz Finest Reserve Ceramic coating. We also…

15/06/2020 / by Peak Valet

Doing what we Love. Our Passion – Detailing


10/05/2020 / by Peak Valet

2019 BMW X5 M50d – CarPro Cquartz Finest Reserve

This vehicle received a good clean along with chemical decontamination, clay bar and 2 stage paint correction. We applied CarPro Cquartz Finest…

10/05/2020 / by Peak Valet

1987 BMW M3 E30. Maintenance and Protection Detail

Along with our interior detail and ozone treatment, we protected the paint on this very collectible vehicle. We cleaned up the exterior…

03/05/2020 / by Peak Valet

2007 BMW X5. Paint Enhancement and Ceramic Coatings

After a full interior detail we gave this vehicle a good exterior clean and decontamination prior to commencing a paint enhancement. We…

02/03/2020 / by Peak Valet

BMW 320D. Maintenance Detail

Full interior and exterior detail where we refreshed, cleaned and restored all surfaces back to their former glory.This ride is now once…

01/02/2020 / by Peak Valet

1934 MG PA ROADSTER – Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating.

1934 MG PA. Roadster. Every now and then you get a very unique vehicle that’s out side the norm. This is one…

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