23/06/2021 / by Peak Valet

2021 Ford Ranger Bi-Turbo – Ceramic Coating

2021 Ford Ranger Bi-Turbo. Looking better than new this vehicle received a paint enhancement followed by an application of Fireball 5yr Silla…

21/03/2021 / by Peak Valet

2021 Ford Escape ST Line. Detail, Paint Enhancement & Ceramic Protection.

2021 Ford Escape ST Line. How easy is your vehicle to wash clean? Ceramic coatings protect your vehicle and assist you with…

27/02/2021 / by Peak Valet

2016 Ford Mustang Fastback – Cquartz Finest Ceramic Coating

You’ve just got to love red cars. Looking like a shiny toffee apple on a summer day, this muscle car received a…

30/09/2020 / by Peak Valet

2018 Ford Mustang GT. 5.0Ltr.

2018 Ford Mustang GT. 5.0Ltr.Every time I roll a vehicle out of the studio I’m like a kid at the lolly shop….

15/06/2020 / by Peak Valet

Doing what we Love. Our Passion – Detailing


07/06/2020 / by Peak Valet

2019 Ford Ranger. Paint Enhancement, Cquartz Lite Ceramic Coating

This vehicle received paint paint enhancement followed by a protective layer of CarPro Cquartz Lite Ceramic coating.Adding an outstanding hydrophobic layer, along…

14/03/2020 / by Peak Valet

2007 GT Ford Falcon Maintenance Detail

We carried out a maintenance detail on this ceramic coated Ford.Cleaning and freshening up all surfaces inside and out. If you love…

29/02/2020 / by Peak Valet

1972 Ford Falcon GT Replica

We had the pleasure of working on this gorgeous vehicle last year.Our client has a very special event going on this week…

25/01/2020 / by Peak Valet

Ford Falcon BOSS 315

After a good clean and decontamination this vehicle received a paint enhancement( Polish)We then applied our CarPro C.Quartz Ceramic Lite.This protects the…

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