Fireball Authorised Installer and Retail Studio

Peak Valet appreciates that your car is likely to be one of the most expensive assets you own; so why leave it exposed to degradation by the elements with inferior products that need continual re-application?

Fireball Ceramic Coatings act as a set and forget; lasting from 2 to 10 years when installed by authorised applicators such as Peak Valet Detail & Grooming. These coatings are secured by a manufacturer-backed warranty. As well as incredible gloss and depth; the nanotechnology in a hard Fireball Ceramic Coating allows it to resist light scratches and repel dirt, dust and UV. Intense hydrophobic properties make it easier to wash and dry your vehicle while benefiting from a surface which stays and looks cleaner for longer.

At Peak Valet we offer a retail range of professional Fireball car care products to compliment your at home vehicle maintenance programme. For more information about our Fireball services and product range go to: FIREBALL NZ

About Fireball

Fireball are one of the largest manufacturers of specialist car detailing products in the world. Since beginning in Korea in 2002 – Fireball now exports products to more than 11 countries across the globe; including Poland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Russia, United Kingdom, Singapore, Germany, Pakistan, United States, France, Indonesia, Malaysia, Norway and Brazil. Fireballs heavy investment in their research and development has led to a new factory being built in 2019 in Busan, South Korea – and Fireball Korea are working hard to develop the absolute best car detailing solutions in the industry. One of the unique benefits of Fireball (apart from the amazing results of their products) is the eco-friendly side of the formulas. All Fireball products are developed using neutral products – no alkaline or acids. There are no dangerous goods when it comes to Fireball.

Fireball are in a unique position where they offer both hobbyist grade maintenance and protection products alongside the world’s best hard Ceramic Coatings. Their investment in technology and R&D allow the two products to work side by side and produce the best possible result on your vehicles and investments.

A Note

Please appreciate, as with any ceramic coating, correct preparation is required prior to a Peak Valet Detail & Grooming install. This ensures correct bonding and surface preparation to meet warranty standards.