Paint Correction

Ideal for the enthusiast who likes to keep a defect free vehicle all year round. A step up from the PROTECT. The emphasis here is on paint correction, where the removal of surface contaminants and scratches that have been embedded into the paint is improved. When completed, this improves the gloss factor and the hydrophobic factors of the paint. The results of this finished detail should leave your vehicle looking fresh, glossy and rejuvenated.

After the CLEAN – The vehicle is assessed visually and with the assistance of a paint thickness gauge, to determine paint and clear coat thicknesses. A two stage machine polish is given to eliminate light swirls/scratches, oxidation and the dull, hazy paintwork that is commonly found on Hawkes Bay vehicles. The process is fairly involved, as no vehicle or paint quality is the same. Many combinations of compounds / pads are tried before finding the best combination to use on the painted surface for the best result. We are always working to facilitate the future longevity of your vehicles’ paint.


The first machine polishing stage is a medium to strong cut compound. This is used in conjunction with a polishing/cutting pad that restores the paint and removes up to 70- 80% of any paint surface defects. The second phase is a much milder pass, used to refine the finish and give the much desired high sheen ‘Gloss’ look.

  • Scratches, oxidation, swirls and blemishes are removed (70- 80% correction) via polishing.
  • The Second machine polishing is set to restore, refine and ‘burnish’ the finish to a jewelled high gloss, refining the first / pass of polishing.
  • After polishing, an IPA is used to remove any residues oils or compound, prior to sealants being applied.
  • A foundation sealant is then applied to your vehicles paintwork and wheels. (This product creates a foundation barrier to the surface giving it up to 6 months months protection).
  • Windows are then cleaned inside and out using our standard crystal clear method.
  • Finally a high quality, no-sling tire shine and hub sealant is applied to leave your vehicle rejuvenated and road ready to drive. 
  • Your vehicle is now looking fantastic, rejuvenated and road ready to drive.

To enhance the longevity of your vehicles paint, we strongly suggest one of our Ceramic Protective Coatings following this type of correction. 

  • POA ​ – 2 days 


Peak Detail is for those seeking a superior premium finish, for vehicles that require extra attention – Inside and out

This is an extensive Interior and exterior restoration process which will require pre-discussion and a comprehensive plan. A full decontamination process is done as per our schedule prior to a multitude of machine passes that are used to safely remove heavier defects found on most vehicles (i.e. random deep scratches, oxidation, bird etchings, body shop buffer trails and sanding marks). 

Foundation and Protection layers are also applied – !! The Works !!

Major Paint Correction Detail is perfect for either the tired, lifeless car surface that requires a second lease of life or the high end vehicle that demands an extreme level of detail.

A 100% correction is not possible, we try our very best. 

Sometimes compromise has to be made on areas with thin clear coat, where it would be impractical to sacrifice lacquer and to run the risk of striking through.

Also, as a general rule, scratches that you can ‘feel’ with your fingernail will usually require paint, however they can be visibly reduced by ‘rounding off’ the edges with correct machine technique.

Typically, 95% correction will be met with a Peak  Detail and is guaranteed to transform your vehicle.

To enhance the longevity of your vehicles paint, we strongly suggest one of our Ceramic Protective Coatings following this type of correction. 


2- 3 days.