The Studio

A comprehensive ‘deep-clean’ is the foundation of detailing.

Car washing is often the most overlooked part of your vehicle care regime. Improper washing can be one of the main causes of scratches and swirls found on your paint finish.

In most cases a foam wash and rinse is used prior to hand washing. This is used for softening and removing contaminates prior to hand washing procedure.

Our two bucket hand wash system using; grit guards, lambs wool mitts, microfibre towels and PH neutral shampoo, will ensure that your vehicle is washed free of all road contaminants safely and with care.


The maintenance step in your car care regime.

An intensive deep clean suited for all vehicles. It involves the stripping back of surface contaminants, nourishing the paintwork and protecting all interior/ exterior aspects of the vehicle against environmental elements.
A superior clean comprises of;

  • Wheel faces cleaned, including the barrel of each wheel along with wheel arches.
  • A ph neutral snow foam applied to soften environmental contaminates.
  • Iron removal is applied to the exterior paint surfaces to assist with the removal of unwanted heavy metal particles.
  • Contaminants such as tar spots are removed using appropriate cleaning chemicals.
  • A further wash using the two bucket method.
  • Microfibre towels and compressed air are used for the drying process,
  • The interior is vacuumed
  • Doors, dash, and instruments receive a wipe down .
  • Floor mats are cleaned.
  • Windows are cleaned inside and out using our crystal clear method.
  • A detailing polish is applied to the exterior to add additional protection, gloss and shine,
  • A high quality, no-sling tire shine and hub sealant is applied.